Coffee Talks with Marta Sierra

1. Many people in Bulgaria know about you but for those who don’t, please introduce yourself?

I’m an influencer, born and raised in Barcelona. I love to create, fashion, to travel and meet new people!

2.   Do you drink coffee and which is your favorite?

Yes, I drink coffee

capuchino with some chocolate powder on top!

3. How did you become a blogger and influencer? How did you start ?

I started taking some pictures for instagram during my studies, and this eventually became a daily hobby until I graduated a year and a half ago. I decided to do it full time and so happy with my choice.

4. Your photos are really cool! What inspires you and your ideas for these awesome photos?

Oh so many things! Magazines, pinterest, movies, instagram, just my silliness 🙂

5. How often do you travel around the world?

I think I do around two trips per month. For the moment, I live between Barcelona and Belgium as my boyfriend is from there so it’s some extra traveling.

6. Which is your favorite place where you have been?

Favourite country: Italy, favourite city: New York

7. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully still creating content in one way or another and developing some great fashion pieces .

Instagram: Marta Sierra

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